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Claudio Mingarini

Center Director, Senior Instructor


I started practicing martial arts with Judo from 1972 until 1981.  At the same time I also studied Ju Jitsu and Wado Ryu Karate, began the practice of Zen meditation and completed my studies in secondary school. In 1982 I met the incredible world of Kung Fu, which gradually changed my life.
I started with the traditional Shaolin and Wing Chun in 1984 and I had the opportunity to practice Pa Kua Chang and Yang style Tai Chi Chuan that I studied and then taught until 1996.
In the meantime I was able to deepen the experience of combat through the Kick Boxing and Thai Boxing in Italy, Holland and Thailand.  

Since 1984 I have dedicated my life to Kung Fu studies and researches, practicing in the morning alone and with other and teaching in the afternoon and evening, six days a week. I taught all styles of Kung Fu mentioned above from 1986 to 1996 in Rome, Genoa and Milan, where we had the three main important centers of our first traditional Kung Fu association guided in that time by Sifu Paolo Cangelosi.

I had the joy of finally meet the Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan in 1996 in Sweden and from that day I never stopped to follow the teachings of Grand Masters Yang Zhen Duo and Yang Jun.       I invited them for the first time in Italy in May 1998.  Grand Master Yang Zhen Duo has come to hold seminars in Italy 3 times and  Master Yang Jun each year with increasing frequency.

At the moment as national coordinator and technical director for the IYFTCCA teachers training in Italy I’m helping the development of Tai Chi Chuan in Italy and in Europe through monthly training teachers of different levels, lectures, articles, seminars , public events and TV programs.

Thanks to the help and cooperation of other teachers, instructors and Tai Chi Chuan enthusiasts we have now in Italy three Yang Chengfu centers in Rome, Milan and Florence and more than 25 centers spread around where it is possible for several hundred people to learn, practice and share traditional Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan.

In addition to Martial Arts I like and study eastern religions and philosophies since 1978, Chi Kung since 1988 and Traditional Chinese Medicine since 1993. I love people, harmony,
nature, good music, peace and silence.

Claudio Mingarini


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