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Cheryl Wilson Medvedenko

Certified Instructor

Cheryl Medvedenko

I began studying tai chi in 2007 under the careful instruction of Ruth Kizer in Rockford, Michigan. I have also had the privilege of taking push hands classes and private lessons with Han Hoong Wang and seminars with Master Yang Jun. In 2013, I attained Rank Level 4, Copper Tiger. Attending the International Tai Chi Symposium in Louisville in 2014, benefiting from the teaching of the Grandmasters there, was another highlight of my tai chi experience.

I have loved learning the graceful forms, and particularly enjoy the weapon forms. I enjoy teaching students of all ages and look forward to sharing the art of tai chi with many more.

Along with tai chi, I spent many happy years homeschooling my children. Other favorite activities include sewing, reading, playing piano, and exploring the lakes and woods of Michigan.

Cheryl Wilson Medvedenko
Rockford, MI


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