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Carlo Ottavi

Certified Instructor

Carlo Ottavi

I was born in Rome, Italy in 8/1/1959 and after Science High School, I achieved the degrees as Sommelier and Barman by respective Italians trade’s associations. I worked in this sector for about fourteen years. During a long break from this employment, I have founded with my old friends, a cooperative company that is occupied professionally in cleaning glasses; in the same period, I engaged in management for a community center acting towards young people living in a suburban town.

In 1997, finally I ran into the Yang style Tai Chi Chuan and I started practicing the 24 form. The following year, I was direct at Wu Tao Kwoon Kung Fu of Rome, where I have met very competent and homely teachers and moreover, just then, they were making contact with G.M.° Yang Zhen Duo.

In 2000, I stopped my study, because of long trip through Mexico and Guatemala along one year. This experience made me change deeply and carried me to leave my profession as Barman so I focused my attention towards philosophies and techniques, features of the oriental cultures, which allows to achieve high health’s and comfort’s level and higher awareness’s level.

In September 2002, I have resumed the study of Da Jia at the new Yang Cheng Fu Center of Rome and in 2004, I have started the Teacher Training Course that, our skilled Center Director Claudio Mingarini, was testing with promising results.

In 2006, 2008, 2010, I achieved the 1°, 2° and 3° level in the ranking of IYFTCCA and in May 2012 the 4° level (Copper Tiger). In December 2012, I passed the entrance examination for Certified Instructor being judge suitable, as in the previous level, from Judges Committee leaded by Claudio Mingarini, IYFTCCA’s National Headquarter Director for Italy. With his agreement, moreover in September 2009 I have started assisting at training in the Yang Cheng Fu Center in Rome and leading a class in the Aventino area, downtown.

During this years, I had honor and pleasure to follow lots of seminars leaded by G.M.° Yang Jun, in this way getting the opportunity to improve my movements and my inner energy, in addition, during all dates of the European Instructor Training Course, to learn an excellent teaching method, to test energy movement in many Long Form’s application and at least, to extend my knowledge and relationship thanks to the participation of many precious instructors from all over the world.

Carlo Ottavi
Via C. Salistri, 2
00147 – Rome Italy


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