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Brunetto Cortigiani

Affiliated School Director, Certified Instructor

Brunetto Cortigiani

He was born in 1962 in Florence and he is still living there. He got married in 1997 and is the father of two children. He works in a chemistry research laboratory at Florence University.

Starting from the late nineties he got essays of Taijiquan in several schools that work with derivative Yang style and spent a period devoted to Qi Gong practice.

In 2005 he met Roberta Lazzeri and her Shuāngbāotāi association which works in promoting the traditional Yang family style. Thenceforward he is a member of the International Yang Family Taijiquan Association (IYFTCCA).

In the following years he attended several seminars held by Master Mei Mei Teo (disciple of Master Yang Zhen Duo) on the hand/long form, the sword form and push hands.

In 2009 at Florence and in 2010 and 2013 at Tirrenia (PI) he attended Master Yang Jun’s (6th generation) seminars devoted to the hand/long form, sword form, saber form and push hands.

In June 2012 he got the 4th level Copper Tiger in the IYFTCCA ranking system. In the Taijiquan practice he found his way to a physical balance and mind equilibrium, cultivating body and spirit.

Brunetto Cortigiani


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