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Bill Walsh

Director Emeritus, Academy Instructor

Bill Walsh

After playing college basketball, Bill chose tai chi chuan as an exercise routine to maintain strength and increase flexibility. He began this study is 1973 and soon after studied at the Cheng Man-Ching school in NYC, studying under Lou Kleinsmith and Stanley Israel. In 1993 he had the opportunity to study with Grandmaster Yang Zhenduo and Master Yang Jun. In 1995 he became the NYC Director for the Yang Family, which was one of the first three US centers. Bill has been to China six times and most recently, travelled around for ten weeks, visiting the different Yang Family Centers. Bill has competed successfully in China in hand form, sword, saber, and push hands. He served as a judge in 2007 for ranking in China. Also in 2007 Bill had the honor of being accepted as a disciple to Grandmaster Yang Zhenduo. Bill recently moved to Arundel, Maine.

Bill has taught in different environments: college, corporate, the BodyChance Alexander school of Japan, public classes and privately. As an aging athlete dealing with nerve damage, he applies the principles of tai chi chuan to maintain optimum health. He has also applied these principles to the mediation practice at the high school and corporate level.

Bill Walsh


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