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Annick TARO, Certified Instructor

When I discovered Taiji Quan it imposed itself on me as something obvious. It was in 1989.

Since then, I have been practicing with different teachers (French experts, H. Choy, …) and starting in 1999, I have been following regularly Masters Yang Zhenduo and Yang Jun’s workshops in France. I went to China for the first time in July 2007 for the 25 years anniversary Celebration of Shanxi Association.

I have been teaching Taiji Quan for twelve years and Qi Gong for eight years.
I am very interested in Chinese culture (Feng Shui, Ba Zi, Chinese energetics….)

I wish to join YCF Center Paris in order to develop together the traditional Yang style in France and more specifically in the Nantes’ area (West of France).

I am volunteering at a Cultural Association. I have three children and three granddaughters who brighten my life.


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