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Andy Lee

Center Director, Academy Instructor

Andy Lee

With over forty years of experience in fitness and the performing arts, Andy Lee specializes in precision training. Andy Lee’s Tai Chi Chuan Center of New Jersey was created in 1992 as a place for the sharing and study of Asian internal arts. She is a founder of TAICHIUSA and since 1996 has been Director of the New Jersey Yang Chengfu Center, the fourth YCF center established. Located in East Brunswick, New Jersey, the school provides instruction in Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan Empty Hand and Weapon Forms, Xingyiquan, Baguà Zhang, Mulan Fan, Shaolin Kung Fu, stretching and strength training, Qigong,

and Qi Healing. As a licensed Qigong teacher, Qi Healer and coach, Andy Lee places a strong emphasis on the health benefits of exercise. To further her understanding of the Tai Chi classics, she studied Chinese for seven years at Rutgers University and earned a B.A. in Chinese Studies. Having served as judge in numerous tournaments and rankings, she also actively promotes Tai Chi Chuan and the arts by conducting demonstrations and workshops throughout the world. On a personal note, she celebrates 36 years of marriage and has five magnificent grandchildren.

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Andy Lee

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