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Ana Cristina Miyamoto, Certified Instructor

I was born in São Paulo (Brazil), place where I grew up and had the opportunity to meet Tai Chi Chuan in 2000. At that time I was graduated in Translation and Interpretation. But I was looking for something different in my life, and tai chi chuan brought me much more than something different, brought me a way of life. I started to study hard and four years later I concluded the Tai Chi Chuan instructor course. Then I studied sword and saber, and now I am learning tui shou and I Ching.
The best experience I had was in 2007, at the Shanxi Yang Style Taijiquan Association 25th Anniversary Celebration and Traditional Yang Style Taijiquan 3rd International Invitational Tournament, Shanxi China. Great to see that so many people from all over the world are connected by this amazing Chinese martial art.
In 2008, I got the fourth level at Tai Chi Chuan Yang Style and graduated in Physical Education.



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