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Alice Swanger, Certified Instructor

Alice Swanger began her Tai Chi Chuan learning about 1989. She had been curious about Tai Chi and suddenly there was a class being taught at the local YMCA by Han Hoong Wang. She tried the class and was “hooked”. She has been in classes with Teacher Han since that time. It has been her pleasure to travel to China several times as part of groups studying and participating with Master Yang Zhenduo and Master Yang Jun, as well as at the international competitions. It has also been a great pleasure to participate in the seminars given in Michigan as well as the Tai Chi Symposium in Kentucky. In the many years that she has been a practitioner, Alice has often taught at the local YMCA and assisted with other activities to help promote the Yang Family style and Tai Chi Chuan in general. She attained ranking Level 4 in 2010.


Alice Swanger

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