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Alice Hayashibara, Certified Instructor

I started the practice of Tai Chi Chuan in 1985 in São Paulo, Brazil, where I live. In parallel, I began to study Eastern culture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. I work with shiatsu and also give regular courses teaching this therapy. After that, I specialized in acupuncture too.
In 1998, my teacher Ângela discovered and introduced the Traditional Yang Style of Grand Master Yang Zhen Duo and Master Yang Jun in Brazil, causing a revolution in our practice and enlarging our experience. I have taken part in all seminars given by the masters in São Paulo, Brazil and I received the 5th rank in July, 2002, in China.

Before practising the Traditional Yang Style, my Tai Chi Chuan was as to know the delights of a beach, but this new style leads us to have knowledge of the entire ocean. Shall we dive in this ocean?

My other activity is the study and practice of the Himalayan Buddhism and
the cultivation of Tai Chi Chuan provides us an additional light in the

I wish Tai Chi Chuan can benefit many people all over the world!





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