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Alexander Gomez

Affiliated School Director, Eastern Culture Center Circle of the Dragon

Alexander Gomez

Between 1994 and 1996 Professor Alexander Gomez started in the practice of Chinese martial arts: Tai Chi Chuan (Taijiquan) under the tutelage of Dr. Liu Baigang, medical acupuncturist, from whom learns how to do 24 movements of the School of Beijing and started in Taoist Meditation and Massage Tui Na.

Later in 2002 began training Tang Lang Chuan (Praying Mantis 7 Stars) with Sifu John Jairo Lopera. With him, he learned the perfect program and Tai Chi Chuan School Beijing with the forms of 18, 24 and 88 movements of Yang style and upwards of 42 and 48.In addition, the simplified form of 32 movements. In 2004 he graduated from his school as a certified instructor in Yang style Tai Chi Chuan forms of Beijing.

During 2002 also certified as Tui Na Massage Therapy from Center Dr. Yu Qi Chinese.

In 2005 he met Mr. Lu Zhong Hong (Tai Chi Chuan Traditional line Fu Zheng Song, Yun Fu Hui). With whom nowadays studies Qi Gong training and Traditional Thought.

That same year, he founded in his country, The Eastern Culture Center Circle of the Dragon with the intention of spreading Tai Chi Chuan Yang Style.

In 2006 culminated studies of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the Nei Jing Colombia Foundation and began studies in Traditional Thought and deepening China Acupuncture Centre.

In 2010 Traveled to Brazil to participate in the International Seminar on Tai Chi Chuan with Master Yang Yang Family Jun.

In 2011. Returned to Brazil to be under the tutelage of Angela and Enrique Severino Soci Teachers and initiate his training as a professional instructor Yang Family. That same year, he traveled to Mendoza, Argentina, to attend the International Seminar Tai Chi Chuan with Master Yang Jun.

In 2012. Performed Yang Chen Fu in the Center of Sao Paulo the Second Module Professional instruction in Tai Chi Chuan Yang Family.

That same year, he traveled to China to accompany their guardians during his nomination as disciples of Master Yang Jun, Participate in classes offered by the Master, attended the Life Anniversary Grandmaster Yang Zheng Duo and participated in the IV International Tournament Tai Chi Chuan Yang Style in Shang Xi where Silver Medal won.

In 2013, terminates its process Vocational Instructor of Tai Chi Chuan from Yang Family at the the Center of Sao Paulo Yang Chen FĂș and submitted and approved rank test 2. Also enters the Teacher Academy of the International Association.

That same year he began studies Master of Acupuncture and Moxibustion Bioenergetics at Yunnan University and the European Foundation of Chinese Medicine.

Alexander Gomez D'Aleman


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