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Karen "Aiki" Kelley, Certified Instructor

I began my formal study of Tai Chi Chuan in New York in 1987. I found Bill Walsh and Holly Sweeney in 1996. I began studying Sword Form and Hand Form with Bill Walsh. I participated in my first Seminar with Master Yang Zhenduo at Vassar College in 1997. Master Yang Zhenduo illuminated the Tai Chi principles for me. I have attended every possible Seminar in New York and New Jersey since 1997, and now with Master Jun, who continues his Grandfathers Lineage, of excellence and inspiration. I became the Assistant Director of the Yang Chenfu Tai Chi Center New York in 2001. I was awarded the rank of Copper Tiger at the Hofstra New York Seminar 2003, and the rank of Silver Tiger at Danbury Seminar, 2005. I competed in Hand Form (49) Saber and Sword at the Third International Invitational Yang Style Tournament in Taiyuan China in 2007. I have been teaching at the JCC: Samuel Rose Center in New York since 2001 and assisting in The New York Center classes. I practice hand form, 103, 49, 13 and 16, sword, saber and push hands.

I am a visual artist, poet, hands on grandmother of 3 and great grandmother of 1.


Aiki Kelley
New York, NY USA



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