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Mendoza Center

Directors: Sergio Arione, Victor Velazquez

San Martin 1297
Godoy Cruz
Provincia de Mendoza, Argentina

Phone: (0261) 156 57 21 71
       (0261) 431 3982



Mendoza Center

Sergio Arione

Center Director, Certified Instructor

Sergio Arione

Sergio Arione has been a school owner and head instructor of Tai Chi for over 40 years. He currently has a Tai Chi Kung Fu school with over 700 students and over 10 certified instructors teaching and assisting in the over 40 classes per week in the Montreal Canada school. Sergio enjoys all forms of Tai Chi of which include sword, saber, push hands, pole and hand form. Along with Tai Chi, Sergio has enjoyed studying Chan family Choy Lee Fut Kung fu and QiGong for well over 30 years.

The Qigong system he enjoys is an entire system of jing, chi and shen with forms in all three areas. Having seen many QiGong instructors out there in the world Sergio is convinced that this is the system to learn and be a part of and has dedicated over 30 years to this system. His Montreal school has over 20 certified instructors in the disciplines of Qigong and Kung fu. His grandmaster in this area of study is Grand Master Chen Yong Fa.

Sergio is well respected by his students and the community he serves. Having started in Buenos Aires, then moving to Mendoza and finally to Canada. Sergio has left a very energized base in Mendoza where Victor Velazquez has built and operates very successfully and has done so for over 20 years. Sergio enjoys and will continue to enjoy spreading the disciplines of Tai Chi, Kung fu and Qi gong . While paperwork and bureaucratic red tape are not his forte, his students, teachers and the many people he helps remain his focus. You can email Sergio at to contact for any information.

Sergio Arione


Victor Velazquez

Center Director

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