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Directors: James Fox, Ph.D.
Greg Moore, M.D.

Eugene Center

James Fox, Ph.D.

Center Director, Certified Instructor

James Fox

James has studied and practiced Tai Chi Chuan since 1981. He first studied traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan with Master Sik Hung Chan, a retired Chinese martial arts instructor, while he was a Visiting Professor at the University of Oregon. Since 1996, James has studied exclusively with Master Yang Zhenduo (4th generation Yang Family descendant) and Yang Jun (6th Generation Yang Family descendant).

In 1981, James founded the Morning Light School of Tai Chi Chuan in Buffalo, New York. Then in 2000, his school was named as a Center of the International Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Association. James left Buffalo in 2005 upon retiring as Professor Emeritus from SUNY- Buffalo State. He named Robert Gott, one of his advanced students, as Interim Center Director. Robert now is the Buffalo Center Director.

James has completed an individualized post-doctoral study program at Huazhong University in Wuhan, China focused on the cultural and historical foundations of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He brings this knowledge and experience into the health and wellness applications of traditional tai chi chuan.

James now serves as Director of the Yang Chengfu Center in Eugene, Oregon, where he has taught since his retirement in 2005. He and Co-Director Dr. Greg Moore, have worked together integrating traditional tai chi chuan into the treatment options for patients at the NeuroSpine Institute in Eugene, Oregon.

James Fox, Ph.D.


Greg Moore, M.D.

Center Co-Director

Greg Moore

Greg has studied and practiced Tai Chi Chuan since 2000. He first started by learning the Yang style simplified 24 form, and then in 2001 began studying the Yang Family Traditional form. He moved to Virginia and studied the Yang style short form Cheng Man Ch'ing 37 postures, while continuing to practice the Traditional Yang family style. He has studied with and attended numerous seminars with Master Yang Zhenduo (4th generation Yang family descendant) and Master Yang Jun (6th generation Yang family descendant).

Greg moved to Eugene in 2009 where he continued to study the Yang Family Traditional with Dr. James Fox. He continues to study and practice the Yang Family Traditional 103 form, the 49 Demonstration and Competition form, as well as Saber, Sword, Staff and Push Hands. He now serves as Co-Director for the Eugene Yang Chengfu tai Chi Chuan Center.

His professional training and experience are as a medical doctor trained in the specialties of physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R), sports medicine and pain management. This unique combination has led to a novel treatment approach through collaboration with Dr. James Fox, Director, integrating traditional tai chi chuan within a spine and rehabilitation program for patients through the Neurospine Institute in Eugene, Oregon.

Greg Moore, M.D.


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