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Director: Dave Barrett

7234 SW 33 Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97219

Ph: 503-349-5184

Portland Center

Dave Barrett

Center Director

Dave Barrett

Dave Barrett is the director of the Yang Cheng Fu Tai Chi Chuan Center in Forest Grove, Oregon.  He has been certified by the International Yang Family Style Tai Chi Chuan Association as an instructor and trains directly with senior members of the Yang Family in China.  In 2005 he was accepted as a disciple of Master Yang Zhenduo and holds the sixth level ranking.  He serves as the editor of the Association’s Journal.  He began his study of Tai Chi Chuan at the Washington Park Rose Gardens in 1977 as a student of Dr. Yuet Sun Chan.  In 1980 he received a grant from the Thomas J. Watson Foundation and spent a year studying in Hong Kong with Fong Pak Shing.  Since

his return in 1981 he has been teaching Tai Chi Chuan at Reed College.  He also teaches at the Trainer’s Club in Lake Oswego, The Pacific Artists Dance Center in Hillsdale, The Hillsboro Senior Center, Forest Grove Physical Therapy and the Tai Chi Center in Forest Grove. 

Dave Barrett


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