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Directors: Andre Leray
              & Nelly Leray

19 Rue de Myosotis
Pau, 64000 France

Ph: +33 (055) 9022186
Fax: +33 (055) 9022186

Pau Center

Andre and Nelly Leray

Center Directors, Retired


Andre and Nelly have been center directors for France since 1999.

They began studying TCC with James Kou in 1968 and then with Yang Zhenduo whom they met during the First International Congress in Wuhan (China) in 1984.

They have attented Masters Yang Zhenduo and Yang Jun's seminars in France (Paris and Pau), in the United States (Seattle, Wichester, New York and Troy) as well as in Itlay, Switzerland and Sweden.

They have been teaching TCC in Pau since 1978. Andre was honored to be accepted as a disciple of  grandmaster YANG Zhenduo in 2005.

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