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Mexico City

Director: Daniel Corona

Acoxpa 343, 3rd Flor
Tilalpan, DF 14370
Mexico DF, Mexico

Ph: +52 5559055963

Mexico City Center

Daniel Corona

Center Director

Daniel Corona

”one of the most active martial artists in the country “ -- Mexican Magazine: “La Revista del Universal”

Full Name : Daniel Benjamin Corona Aguilar
Buddhist name: Shi Heng Yi
Studies: University Degree in Computer Programming and administration.

Participation in Media:
As a writer in the magazine : “Martial Arts” Mexico ( revista artes marciales de Mexico) from 2001 to 2006
As a writer in the magazine : “Martial World” Mexico ( Revista Mundo Marcial) from 2006 up to date.

As an editor an publisher : “Kung Fu Magazine” Mexico From 2006 to 2007

As a reporter / journalist / interviews in the magazines and TV :
"Área Deportiva" Magazine Mexico 2004, 2005 and 2006
"La Revista" del Periodico El Universal Magazine 2004
“Excelsior” News paper mexico 2007
"Solo para Ti"  Magazine from Sanborns 2006
MVS Radio station con Fernanda Tapia y Martin Achirica 2006
Radio Ibero 90.9 Radio 2006
Radio Universitaria UFM Radio 2004, 2005, 2006.
Televisa Deportes TV con Armando Valencia ( Morelos ) 2006
"Tercer Milenio" Magazine 2007
"Te acuerdas de Lake Tahoe" Movie as a coreographer.
Kelloggs All Bran program as an instructor incide All Bran Cereal Box. 2008-04-05

Martial Arts Studies :
1985 – 1990 Karate Do Shito Ryu
1990 – 1995 Modern Style Tai Chi Chuan.
2003 up to date Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan with master Yang Jun.
2004 up to date Shaolin Kung Fu with SiFu Shi Yan Ming
2005 Travels to Chile to promote the creation of the second shaolin kung fu school of Shi Yan Ming in Chile
2006 Thunderbay Canada International Tai Chi Chuan Forum

Daniel Corona


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