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Fen Yang

Director: Song Bin

Fen Yang, Shanxi, P.R.C. 030006

Fen Yang Center

Song Bin

Center Director

Song Bin
  • Song Bin, born in March 18, 1964, Fenyang City. In 1982 he joined the Army artillery unit in 1986 to participate in tax work, in March 2000 awarded by the Chinese martial art Wushu Administration Center "Liuduan" title, national-level judge, in March 2002 and joined the National Democratic Construction Association, in July 2002 The first appointment of experts by the National Wu shu Institute, Yang Tai Chi Chuan Yang Zhenduo fourth-generation lineal were absorbed as the first apprentice.Yang Tai Chi Chuan Association, current Vice President of Shanxi Province, Yangcheng Fu Tai Chi centers.

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    Song Bin


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