The First Disciples

Disciples 2012

On August 5 in Taiyuan, Master Yang Jun held his first disciple ceremony. Congratulations to Master Yang Jun’s disciples: (back row) 杨雅智 Yang Yazhi (Roque Severino), 杨雅忠 Yang Yazhong (Sergio Arione), 杨雅静 Yang Yajing (Angela Soci), 杨雅仁 Yang Yaren (Claudio Mingarini), 杨雅毅 Yang Yayi (Giuseppe Turturo), 杨雅德 Yang Yade (Edward Moore), 杨雅礼 Yang Yali (Eric Madsen), 杨雅宁 Yang Yaning (Nina Yang), and 杨雅杰 Yang Yajie (Jason Yang) (in front). Seated in front are Master Yang Bin, GM Ma Hailong, GM Sun Yongtian, Ms. Hu Ruidi, GM Yang Zhenduo, Master Yang Jun, Ms. Fang Hong, Master Chen Juan.

Lim Chiew Ah awarded DSPN

Datuk Lim Chiew Ah

August 2012 Lim Chiew Ah, Center Director of Yang Chengfu Tai Chi Chuan Center Malaysia, was conferred DSPN [Darjah Setia Pangkuan Negeri: Order of the Defender of State – Knight Commander], carrying the title of “Datuk” in front of her name, by the Head of State Penang, Malaysia, in recognition of her contribution towards the Development of Tai Chi Chuan, Culture, Wushu and other contribution towards Malaysia.

Sim Eng Ker FCCA, ACIS
Co Center Director

New Instructors

June 2012 Congratulations to new
Certified Instructors: Edgar Karasawa, Fabio Marcelloni, Frank Grothstueck, Johannes Mergner and Carole Nguyen-Minh
Affiliated School Director: Mihai Serban, Eliane Aguettaz
Affiliated Instructor: Jimmie Murphy

New Instructors

April 2012 Congratulations to new Affiliated School: Supremo Taichi; Certified Instructors: Leonardo Ferri and Giulia Santangeli; Affiliated Instructor:
Don Bolinger.

Hand Form DVD Back in Stock

Mar 2012 We have received a new shipment of DVD’s. Sorry for the wait.

New Instructors

Mar 2012 Congratulations to new Affiliated Schools: Everyday Taiji Cooperative, Affiliated Instructors: Jim Showalter, Bob Ashmore, Nancy Thoman and Judith Rew.