New Instructors and Schools March 2014

Congratulations to the following new

Certified Instructors

Paula Faro, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Valentina Marinai, Florence, Italy
Emilia De Giuli, Florence, Italy
Elaine Cooper, Troy, Michigan
and Edyta Piatkowska-Wu, Lyon, France

Affiliated Instructor

Cosimo Mancini, Milan, Italy

Affiliated Schools

Tai Chi Ottawa, Laird A. Trimble, Ottawa, Canada.
Greg Miller  and Jayne Miller, Dubuque, Iowa.

Journal 33 available

cover33-200We publish our journal twice a year. Journal 33 is now available for download in the Members-Only Area. The theme of the journal is the upcoming 2014 Symposium. The print version will be in the mail soon.

Tai Chi Applied to Golf

by Patrick Trudell

As students of Tai Chi, we recognize the importance of dedication to form.  Physical technique and mental focus are fundamental to proper form.  The Tai Chi student spends countless hours developing technique and focus in slow motion.  The slow motion movement in Tai Chi demands discipline, as faults becomes readily apparent.  To achieve proper form, the Tai Chi student is called upon to use the mind and the body in a methodical balanced way beyond where most athletics travel.
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