First Senior Instructor: Angela Soci

Angela SociIn 2011 the International Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Association created five levels of instructors for the purpose of fulfilling the instructional needs of members and their communities, providing more opportunities for qualified people to fill teaching roles and to recognize levels of teaching experience.

Following a long history of success in promoting traditional Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan through research, writing and mentoring others in becoming instructors, Maria Angela Soci, Sao Paulo Center Director has applied for and met the requirements established by the Instructors Advisory Board and the Division of Education & Training for Senior Instructor.

Maria Angela Soci has set a standard of excellence in teaching and personal conduct for all to follow. She continuously strives in helping others understand the benefits of practicing Tai Chi Chuan and works tirelessly to introduce Tai Chi Chuan in communities throughout Brazil and South America.

Congratulations to Angela on becoming the Association’s first Senior Instructor.

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