Promotions September 2014

Congratulations to the following for their recent promotions. New Center Director Francesco Matera, Varese, Italy New Affiliated Instructors Tim Brelig, Louisville, KY Maria Therezinha M. Firmo Tengan, Ribeirao Preto, Brazil Fabiana Silvano, Buenos Aires, Argentina New Certified Instructors Elaine Cooper, … Continue reading

Master Yang accepts seven disciples

Master Yang Jun accepted seven disciples July 9, 2014. This event was held at Seelbach Hilton Hotel, Louisville, KY, USA. The new disciples are 杨雅谦Duc Nguyen Minh, 杨雅竹 Pam Boyde, 杨雅兰Teresa Zuniga, 杨雅儒Konstantinos Kotsifakis, 杨雅诚Ruben Coirini, 杨雅梅Anna Siniscalco, and 杨雅信Fernando … Continue reading