The Balance of Nature

Basic Principles and Features of Taiji Quan By Lu Shengli English translation by Zhang Yun The central principle of Taiji Quan derives from one of the most fundamental concepts in traditional Chinese culture. The concept first appeared in Yi Jing … Continue reading

Master Profile: Ma Hailong

By Dave Barrett Association Journal Editor   Master Ma Hailong was born in 1935 into one of China’s most distinguished martial arts families. His great-grandfather, Wu Quanyou (1834-1902), was an officer of the Imperial Guards Brigade in the Forbidden City. … Continue reading

The Birth of Taijiquan

A conversation with Master Wu Wenhan By Dave Barrett, Translated by Yang Jun Dave Barrett: In America many people are unfamiliar with the Wu/Hao style of Taijiquan. I wanted to begin by asking you to describe the differences between Yang … Continue reading