New Instructors and Schools

We would like to welcome the following new Affiliated Schools: Guerman Atanassov, Skokie, IL;  Jens Ammermann, Kiel, Germany; Thilo Krienke, Kiel, Germany. Certified Instructors: Carlo Ottavi, Rome Italy; Ugo Gallo, Rome, Italy; Norbert Läken, Cologne, Germany;   Klaus Krummenauer, Cologne, … Continue reading

The First Disciples

On August 5 in Taiyuan, Master Yang Jun held his first disciple ceremony. Congratulations to Master Yang Jun’s disciples: (back row) 杨雅智 Yang Yazhi (Roque Severino), 杨雅忠 Yang Yazhong (Sergio Arione), 杨雅静 Yang Yajing (Angela Soci), 杨雅仁 Yang Yaren (Claudio … Continue reading