Lim Chiew Ah awarded DSPN

August 2012 Lim Chiew Ah, Center Director of Yang Chengfu Tai Chi Chuan Center Malaysia, was conferred DSPN [Darjah Setia Pangkuan Negeri: Order of the Defender of State – Knight Commander], carrying the title of “Datuk” in front of her … Continue reading


New Instructors

June 2012 Congratulations to new Certified Instructors: Edgar Karasawa, Fabio Marcelloni, Frank Grothstueck, Johannes Mergner and Carole Nguyen-Minh Affiliated School Director: Mihai Serban, Eliane Aguettaz Affiliated Instructor: Jimmie Murphy … Continue reading

New Instructors

April 2012 Congratulations to new Affiliated School: Supremo Taichi; Certified Instructors: Leonardo Ferri and Giulia Santangeli; Affiliated Instructor: Don Bolinger. Hand Form DVD Back in Stock Mar 2012 We have received a new shipment of DVD’s. Sorry for the wait. … Continue reading

Empty and Full

The Third Rep: 2004-01-02 by Jerry Karin We have been having an interesting discussion on the discussion forum regarding the meaning of the fourth of Yang Chengfu’s Ten Essentials: distinguish full and empty. To shed more light on this subject, … Continue reading


The Third Rep: 2003-05-06 by Jerry Karin I’ve been reading a great deal in Chinese and have had a lot of luck in finding things I wanted to read, chiefly due to the kind offices of Louis Swaim. I am … Continue reading