Yang Zhenduo’s Disciples

Master Yang Zhenduo is proud to announce and acknowledge the following people as his Disciples. These individuals have studied and promoted tai chi for many years. Disciples Name List, 杨振铎传承弟子 Hu Buyun, 胡步云 Yang Yongfen, 杨永芬 Guo Jiansheng, 郭建生 Ge … Continue reading


The Third Rep: 2001-02-12 by Jerry Karin Well, time to whip out the old notepad and scribble a new third rep column. Having had my posterior flamed from here to Yongnian over a previous column entitled Some Other Stuff and … Continue reading

Palm Methods (Zhang Fa)

From Yang Zhenduo’s1997 Zhong Guo Yang Shi Taiji, pp. 33-36Translation by Louis Swaim The palm methods are a sub-category of the hand methods. The palm methods can be broadly divided into two classes, comprising approximately nine types. The first class, … Continue reading

Relaxation (Fang Song)

Excerpted from Yang Zhenduo’sZhong Guo Yang Shi Taiji, 1997, ‘Thoughts on Practice’ p163-164Translated by Jerry Karin 2. Earlier in this book I have already talked quite a bit on the subject of ‘fang song’ or relaxation. Let’s connect related concepts … Continue reading