New Instructors

June 2012 Congratulations to new Certified Instructors: Edgar Karasawa, Fabio Marcelloni, Frank Grothstueck, Johannes Mergner and Carole Nguyen-Minh Affiliated School Director: Mihai Serban, Eliane Aguettaz Affiliated Instructor: Jimmie Murphy … Continue reading

New Instructors

April 2012 Congratulations to new Affiliated School: Supremo Taichi; Certified Instructors: Leonardo Ferri and Giulia Santangeli; Affiliated Instructor: Don Bolinger. Hand Form DVD Back in Stock Mar 2012 We have received a new shipment of DVD’s. Sorry for the wait. … Continue reading

Empty and Full

The Third Rep: 2004-01-02 by Jerry Karin We have been having an interesting discussion on the discussion forum regarding the meaning of the fourth of Yang Chengfu’s Ten Essentials: distinguish full and empty. To shed more light on this subject, … Continue reading


The Third Rep: 2003-05-06 by Jerry Karin I’ve been reading a great deal in Chinese and have had a lot of luck in finding things I wanted to read, chiefly due to the kind offices of Louis Swaim. I am … Continue reading

Silk Reeling

The Third Rep: 2002-08-26 by Jerry Karin Much of the literature available in English about the topic of silk reeling is of the puff piece sort, leaving one with the impression that silk reeling is important but failing to provide … Continue reading