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Archive 2012

New Center

November 2012 Congratulations to our new YCF Center in Yangquan, Shanxi, China; Director: Wang Zhongwen.

Redmond Center Open House Sept 22

Open House

Sept 2012 The Seattle/Redmond Yang Chengfu Tai Chi Chuan Center will host an Open House on Saturday 9/22. Visit the website for more info.

Call for China Photos

Sept 2012 If you have photos from the China Adventure 2012 you'd like to share, we'd be happy to help you do that. Post them on our Facebook page with a description.
Also, we already have some on our website. Visit the event photo page to see those. If you would like to contribute to this page, email photos to using these directions:
1. So that it will be easy to sort the photos, divide your photos into groups by each day of the China Adventure.
2. Pick 5 of your best photos for each day and email each day to me in separate emails to
A. For example gather your best 5 photos for Day 1 then send them to me.
B. Next select your best photos for Day 2 and then send them to me in another email.
3. Do tell me what day the photos are from and do name the event the photo is about. For Example: These photos are for Day 1-Shanghai Pearl of the Orient TV Tower.

New Instructors

September 2012 Congratulations to our new
Center in Eugene, Oregon; Directors: James Fox and Greg Moore.
Affiliated School: Mihaly Vadas.
Certified Instructor: Jason Timony.
Affiliated Instructor: Shining Chen.

Lim Chiew Ah awarded DSPN

Datuk Lim Chiew Ah

August 2012 Lim Chiew Ah, Center Director of Yang Chengfu Tai Chi Chuan Center Malaysia, was conferred DSPN [Darjah Setia Pangkuan Negeri: Order of the Defender of State - Knight Commander], carrying the title of “Datuk” in front of her name, by the Head of State Penang, Malaysia, in recognition of her contribution towards the Development of Tai Chi Chuan, Culture, Wushu and other contribution towards Malaysia.

Sim Eng Ker FCCA, ACIS
Co Center Director

The First Disciples

Disciples 2012 August 2012 On August 5 in Taiyuan, Master Yang Jun held his first disciple ceremony. Congratulations to Master Yang Jun's disciples: (back row) 杨雅智 Yang Yazhi (Roque Severino), 杨雅忠 Yang Yazhong (Sergio Arione), 杨雅静 Yang Yajing (Angela Soci), 杨雅仁 Yang Yaren (Claudio Mingarini), 杨雅毅 Yang Yayi (Giuseppe Turturo), 杨雅德 Yang Yade (Edward Moore), 杨雅礼 Yang Yali (Eric Madsen), 杨雅宁 Yang Yaning (Nina Yang), and 杨雅杰 Yang Yajie (Jason Yang) (in front). Seated in front are Master Yang Bin, GM Ma Hailong, GM Sun Yongtian, Ms. Hu Ruidi, GM Yang Zhenduo, Master Yang Jun, Ms. Fang Hong, Master Chen Juan.

Summer 2012 Journal On Its Way

August 26 2012 Journal 31 will be shipping this week.

New Instructors

JoAnne Sellars July 2012 Congratulations to new Affiliated Instructor: JoAnne Sellars.

New "Judges and Ranking Handbook"

Feb 2012 The new Judges and Ranking Handbook is available in the Download area. Thanks to Pat Rice, Carl Meeks and Ray Tom for their hard work.

Summer 2012 Journal Delayed

cover31 July 2012 We publish a 30+ page journal twice a year. The summer journal (#31) is sent to the printer. Unfortunately, because of China Adventure 2012, we won't be able to start shipping them out until our return in the middle of August. Members will be receiving theirs soon thereafter, either from their Center or in the mail. We apologize for the delay.

Start of China Adventure 2012

July 2012 Master Yang and his family are off to China! There will be no one to check email sent to until August 3. Sorry for any inconvenience.

New Instructors

June 2012 Congratulations to new
Certified Instructors: Edgar Karasawa, Fabio Marcelloni, Frank Grothstueck, Johannes Mergner and Carole Nguyen-Minh
Affiliated School Director: Mihai Serban, Eliane Aguettaz
Affiliated Instructor: Jimmie Murphy

New Instructors

April 2012 Congratulations to new Affiliated School: Supremo Taichi; Certified Instructors: Leonardo Ferri and Giulia Santangeli; Affiliated Instructor: Don Bolinger.

Hand Form DVD Back in Stock

Mar 2012 We have received a new shipment of DVD's. Sorry for the wait.

New Instructors

Mar 2012 Congratulations to new Affiliated Schools: Everyday Taiji Cooperative, Affiliated Instructors: Jim Showalter, Bob Ashmore, Nancy Thoman and Judith Rew.

2012 China Tour

Dec 2011 In the Events section we have added the 2012 China Tour, as described in the last Journal.

Winter 2012 Journal Ready to Go

cover30 Jan 2012 We publish a 30+ page journal twice a year. The winter journal (#30) is done and should start shipping. Members should be receiving theirs soon, either from their Center or in the mail. Members joining the Association receive a copy of the latest journal.

Happy Chinese New Year and DVD Sale

Jan 2012 May the Chinese New Year bring you happiness, good luck, and wealth. Don't miss our Chinese New Year BOGO DVD sale. When you buy one DVD, get a second one of equal or lesser value FREE. This sale ends on Tuesday, January 24. After ordering the first DVD, please email to say which free DVD you want.

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