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Archive 2010

New Affiliated Schools Program

The Association has set up the Affiliated School/Instructor Program. We have had many instructors wish to open a Center, but no way to accommodate them. Through this program, we hope many Yang Style Taijiquan instructors and their students will join us.

New Videos

We have added more videos from our Redmond seminars. New ones are marked with "Sep'10". If you see something you want to know more about, go to our Discussions board.

New Journal is Available

cover27 We publish a 32-page journal twice a year. The summer journal is out now and members should be receiving theirs soon, either from their Center or in the mail. Members joining the Association receive a copy of the latest journal.

We welcome comments and discussion either here on our Discussion board, or on our Facebook page. If you would like to submit an article for the next journal, email editor.

Find us on Facebook

Click the Facebook box in the right column to go to our Facebook page and share interesting tai chi links there.

Tai Chi Chuan Foundation

The Yang Family has a new logo. logo Products bearing this logo will contribute to a new foundation being created by the Yang Family, the Tai Chi Chuan Foundation, whose purpose is to promote tai chi worldwide. For our first such product, see the Yang Family T-shirt.

Grand Master Yang Zhenduo News

The Chinese Martial Arts Academy established Martial Arts Specialist Committee. Grand Master Yang Zhenduo has been invited to be one of the specialist members.

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