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Archive 2009

Dec 2009 The Latest Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan DVD: Push Hands Vol II

push hand Sword Saber application

The Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Hand Form, Push Hands, Sword Form and Saber Form DVDs are available in the Products section to show the standard for our style.

July 2009 Lineage Holder Ceremony

- by Fang Hong

disciple ceremony Back row: Zhao Wei, Peng You, Wang Cong, Pat Rice, Lin Qiuya, Fang Hong, Yang Jun, William Wojasinski, Carl Meeks, Chen Juan
Front row: Sun Yongtian, Chen Zhenglei, Hu Ruidi, Yang Zhenduo, Wu Wenhan, Ma Hailong

The last day we stayed at Nashville this year, Grand Master Yang Zhenduo held a disciple ceremony, namely the Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan 5th Generation Lineage Holder Ceremony. Masters Yang Jun and Yang Bin officially became Grand Master Yang Zhenduo's inner disciples, and Master Yang Jun became the Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan 5th Generation lineage Holder(Zhang Men Ren). (more)

Grand Master Chen Zhenglei presided over this ceremony. Grand Master Sun Yongtian, Grand Master Wu Wenhan, Grand Master Ma Hailong, Grand Master Chen Zhenglei, Pat Rice, William W. Wojasinski, Carl D. Meeks, Lin Qiuya, Song Bin, and Chen Juan were witnesses.

This ceremony was simple and solemn. Simple because we decided to have this ceremony the same day it happened. We did not have lots of time to prepare it. Solemn because all five style Grand Masters were there to witness this special ceremony as well as the other special witnesses.

Everyone was so happy. After the ceremony, we drank, danced, and sang. Master Sun Yongtian made lots of jokes which made us laugh endlessly. Master Ma Hailong performed Salsa (I guess), and his wife sang a Spanish song. Master Chen Zhenglei and his wife sang a song. Even my son Jason performed a Di Tang Chuan which he created by himself.

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